Planning Application: Gibson House and Gibson Lodge, SEABANK ROAD, EGREMONT

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Planning Application: Gibson House and Gibson Lodge, SEABANK ROAD, EGREMONT

Post by Wirral Planning » Thu Jan 08, 2015 11:52 am

Gibson House and Gibson Lodge, SEABANK ROAD, EGREMONTNotifications application 08/01/2015Gibson House and Gibson Lodge form part of Mariners Park in Wallasey. The application site includes Gibson House, Gibson Lodge and associated curtilage land. The owner, Nautilus International, propose to demolish the buildings shown on the application demolition drawing. Gibson House is a brick building of three storeys above a basement. It has attics with a steeply-pitched Welsh slate roof. The building was built to provide housing for mariners' widows. It formed part of the Mariners Park Estate which accommodated retired seamen and their families. The estate was built around a central facility, Cliff House, now demolished, and comprised a private estate of cottages, many of which have now been replaced. Gibson Lodge is a two storey brick building constructed under a hipped welsh slate roof.
The vacant buildings on the site were last used for residential purposes but have been vacant now for a number of years, with an approved conversion proposal having failed to be delivered. Nautilus International propose to demolish the subject buildings. It was not possible to implement the lapsed conversion permission due to poor market conditions and deteriorating building fabric. The two buildings on site, after an ongoing and sustained period of vacancy and decay, are considered to be unfit for human habitation (refer to supporting reports). They have deteriorated beyond the point where a viable conversion scheme can be delivered. Unless demolished the buildings will continue to deteriorate.
The buildings to be demolished and removed from site are identified above. All demolition work is to be carried out in accordance with British Standard BS6187, latest revision, using operatives appropriately skilled in this type of work and site staff responsible for their supervision experienced in the proposed method of demolition. The demolition process will be undertaken using established demolition techniques which are not associated with any high risk of accident etc. Demolition will be carried out using appropriate machinery. The use of explosives is strictly prohibited. The contractor will be required to protect site operatives and the general public during the course of the works. The contractor must ensure that disturbance to neighbours and the general public is minimised at all times. No burning of demolition material will be permitted on site.
The site is not proposed to be redeveloped for another use at present, although redevelopment in the medium-term for urban uses is anticipated. In the interim the footprint of the buildings once demolished will be filled and covered with topsoil and grass seed.
Crushed rubble and other materials arising from demolition may be recycled and reused as back-fill material subject to appropriate testing and confirmation that they are not contaminated in any way. Other than this all material arising from demolitions shall be removed from site in a regular and timely manner.

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