Bidston Recycling Centre set for temporary closure

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Bidston Recycling Centre set for temporary closure

Post by Wirral Council News » Fri Nov 08, 2019 4:00 pm

Bidston Household Waste Recycling Centre, located on Wallasey Bridge Road, is closing for two weeks in November until early December to undergo essential maintenance works and the introduction of a range of new traffic management measures.

The site, which is provided by Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority and operated by resource management company Veolia, will close on Friday 29th November, 5pm and will re-open on Saturday 14th December, 8am.

The closure will enable a range of alterations to the site including changes to access to the site for vans and commercial vehicles through a new barrier system and a stop and check point on the entrance way to the Recycling Centre.

The changes mean the closure of the Recycling Centre site is necessary to ensure that the health and safety can be maintained and the works to the site are completed in the shortest period of time.

With the site temporarily closed there will be no access to members of the public to the Household Waste Recycling Centre entrance on Wallasey Bridge Road or to the Centre located to the rear of the site.

The main part of the Bidston site will remain open for the delivery of waste and recyclables from Council and operational vehicles to the Waste Transfer Station (WTS) and the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF).These vehicles will continue to enter and exit the site through the middle entrance to the site on Wallasey Bridge Road.

Closure of the Recycling Centre facility will mean that residents should use their next nearest or most convenient Recycling Centre.

They are:
• Clatterbridge Recycling Centre at Mount Road, CH63 4JZ
• West Kirby Recycling Centre at Greenbank Road, CH48 5HL

There are two other sites that in terms of distance are relatively close but they require a journey through either the Queensway or Kingsway tunnels:

• South Sefton Recycling Centre at Irlam Road, L20 4AE
• Otterspool Recycling Centre at Jericho Lane, L15 5AR

During the course of the closure, Veolia staff will be at the access point to the Recycling Centre on Wallasey Bridge Road to direct any visitors to the West Kirby or Clatterbridge Recycling Centres (or other available sites). Anyone with a Van Permit for Bidston HWRC will be able to visit these two alternative facilities instead – or any of the other 13 Household Waste Recycling Centres across Merseyside.

Cllr Tony Concepcion, MRWA Chairperson, said: “Bidston receives on average 1,500 tonnes of material a month from local residents. Due to this demand on the facility, essential maintenance is required to ensure the Recycling Centre remains safe for customers and employees.

"We’re also taking this opportunity to thoroughly check all aspects of the site, undertake any repairs, repaint, review signage and ensure that the site adheres to the high standard required of a public facility. We would encourage residents to use an alternative Recycling Centre or hold on until Bidston re-opens.”

Residents using Bidston over the next few weeks will be able to see the closure information on, on banners at the site, and an information leaflet which details all of the nearest sites for them to use during the temporary closure.

Read full article:- ... ry-closure

Published by Wirral Council News on Fri, 08 Nov 2019

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