A day in the life: Wirral's Public Health Nurses

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A day in the life: Wirral's Public Health Nurses

Post by Wirral Council News » Thu Jul 05, 2018 11:17 am

Local nurses raise awareness of health issues affecting Wirral residents.

The council’s Public Health nurses play a vital role in raising awareness of nationwide health campaigns and promoting general wellbeing. There are two of these specialist nurses based in Wirral. We caught up with Sharon Fadden to ask her what an average day in her working life looks like…

I’ve been a Public Health Nurse in Wirral for the last five years, having formerly worked as a Cardiac Nurse. Along with my colleague, Rebecca Monaghan, our current focus is hypertension (high blood pressure) in Wirral and interacting with people by attending pop up events and delivering training. So, a typical day for me looks like this:

6am – I’m up and out of the door! A lot of our work focuses on meeting with the public outside of typical working hours. This can mean a lot of early starts for us!


7am – 10am – We’re off to an event at Bromborough Trading Estate to deliver blood pressure checks to people who drive as a part of their job, such as taxi or delivery drivers. Quite often these are sedentary jobs which can lead to high blood pressure. We want to catch these people before they start work for the day; offer health advice, smoking and alcohol awareness and signpost them to their GP if their blood pressure reading is a little high. We run similar events at Woodside and Seacombe Ferry Terminals to meet with commuters on their way to work.


10.15am – 1pm – Next we’re running a Health & Wellbeing event at Wirral Probation Centre as part of Mental Health Awareness Week. Stress at work is a contributory factor in hypertension. This event will look at ways to reduce stress at work including mindfulness and yoga. We’ll be offering blood pressure checks and health advice to staff members.


1pm – 1.15pm – Lunch… if I’m lucky!


1.15pm – 3.15pm – Training a small private gym to perform mini health checks as part of their induction process. We’ve recently trained all of the Council invigor8 gym staff in the same way. It’s a great initiative as new gym-goers are often keen to take responsibility for their blood pressure.


3.45pm – 4.30pm – Meeting with a GP practice to deliver training around health check queries. We often meet with local practices to advise on how they can improve uptake around routine blood pressure checks.


5pm – 6.30pm – Attending a Chamber of Commerce industry networking event to promote workplace wellbeing to employers in Wirral. If workplaces take staff health seriously, we can lower the risk of heart attack and stroke in Wirral.


7pm – Home for a cuppa and a sleep before starting again the next day!


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Published by Wirral Council News on Thu, 05 Jul 2018 http://www.wirral.gov.uk

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