Residents remove 17 tonnes of waste during community action days

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Residents remove 17 tonnes of waste during community action days

Post by Wirral Council News » Tue Nov 06, 2018 10:05 am

Public-spirited residents cleared more than 17 tonnes of waste from their neighbourhoods during the summer in a series of community action days.

Dozens of residents rallied round to improve their local environment, with some 27 partner organisations and community groups taking part in 24 different clean-ups across Birkenhead.

Apart from sprucing up their local area, the events also gave neighbours the chance to get to know each other better, which will have increased the sense of community.

Residents were supported by a whole host of partner organisations, including resident associations, faith groups, the Hive, fire service, police, Involve North West, housing associations, Birkenhead First, Neo Café, Merseyside Probation Service, Wirral Council and more.

Apart from litter-picking and arranging for household waste to be taken away, residents were also spoken to about the importance of recycling.

As part of Wirral Council’s Love Where You Live campaign, litter-picking kits were provided at all clean ups. In total, across the 24 community action days, no fewer than 31 skips were filled and the mess removed.

The partnership of several local faith groups as also added an element of increased community cohesion as residents and partners from different backgrounds came together to support their areas.

The days allowed partners to contribute to regeneration efforts by cleansing the areas of weeds and vegetation and instead planting flowers, vegetables and other plants across the area to enter the Wirral In Bloom competition.

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Published by Wirral Council News on Tue, 06 Nov 2018

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